Why is Geomarketing Important to Your Online Business?

Geomarketing’s importance in online marketing is increasing, as more people want a personalized experience when they search for content or shop. Brands are also leveraging this strategy to gain competitive advantage. Denver-based SEO companies list the following reasons geomarketing is necessary for you to succeed. Hyper Local Ads The last thing you want to do is […]

Better Sooner than Later: Three Reasons Why You should Refinance a Mortgage

Interest rates are unpredictable. One can’t tell the exact moment that they’ll jump up or go down. It begs the question, then: when is the right time to refinance a mortgage? With a mortgage refinance, a borrower can pay off their current mortgage and receive a new one with different terms and conditions all in […]

Your Interest Rate and APR: The Vital Difference

You probably notice that your home loan’s APR or annual percentage rate is different from your base or interest rate. But did you know that it’s extremely crucial that you fully understand how your home loan’s interest rate works before signing any paperwork because it’s what determines what you would need to pay so that […]