Criminal background check application form

National Police Checks: A Must for Employment Processes

In Australia, conducting a thorough job applicant and existing employee history check has become an integral component in the employment practices of many organisations. In fact, this is mandatory for numerous industries, seeing that it greatly contributes to improved and more efficient risk management. One part of employment risk mitigation in WA is conducting a national police check. In addition […]

Office Space Design: Make the Most Out of It

First impressions last. This statement applies to your workplace too. It is therefore important that your business environment elicits a positive opinion from those who have seen it. If you think your workplace needs a design boost, there are some simple ways you could do it without hurting your company budget. Refurbish Your Office An […]

Guide to Gauging and Rating Hotel Suppliers

The vendor you choose to provide supplies for your hotel will play a significant role in influencing your success. Regardless of the provisions needed, there are industry verified metrics that you could use to gauge and rate suppliers before choosing one. If you are buying hotel supplies in bulk, The Star Line Group Ltd. has some tips to […]

Floor getting re-tiled

Excessively Squeaky Floors: Why Your Flooring is So Noisy

Many homeowners prize their hardwood floors for many reasons, including their natural beauty and impressive longevity. However, just like any other construction material, they can still develop an array of problems, including damages brought about by age and wear and tear. Improper use and treatment, as well as neglect, also speeds up their degradation. Failure […]

Kitchen full of cooking utensils

4 Gift Ideas for Your Foodie Friend

Picking a gift for you foodie friend can both be easy and difficult at the same time. On one hand, they would probably love any gift that is food related. On the other, there is always that possibility that they have already had or tried your food-related gift. Here’s how to solve your dilemma: Gift […]