Woman purchasing clothing online

Survey: Amazon Remains People’s Choice for Online Holiday Purchases

Amazon’s popularity as a go-to destination for holiday shopping in the U.S. will continue for the second straight year, according to a survey. CNBC’s All-America Economic Survey showed that 76% of respondents will complete all or most of their holiday purchases by using the e-commerce site. Almost half of them believe that online retail is […]

protective gears

A Guide to Choosing the Right Workplace Gloves

Personal protective equipment (PPE) standards require always wearing protection especially if one is working in a hazardous environment. From head to toe, workers must wear protective gears at all times to help prevent or at least minimise exposure to health hazards. As one of the most used parts of your body, your hands are prone […]

New Roof Could Equal to Zero Dollars (In the Long Run, That Is)

Whenever homeowners decide to embark on a massive home improvement, they’re usually doing this for their own enjoyment and benefit. Even though they expect the project to improve their home value, a majority of these only add a small amount to the total. Fortunately, as warburtonsinc.com and other experts noted, home improvement projects that bring you the best […]

Lendlease – People are at the Heart of Everything They Do

Founded in 1958 in Sydney, Australia, Lendlease has grown into a multinational construction, property and infrastructure company with properties across Australia, Asia and the Americas. The Singapore branch of Lendlease is perhaps best known for Paya Lebar Quarter, a mixed development space that combines modern offices, retail, and residential spaces with ample greenery for an attractive, sustainable community. One […]

4 Tips for Truck Business Owners

The truck business is a competitive industry to be in. Due to the many opportunities that opened because of the demand for transporting supplies to different countries and states, business owners have realized that there is a need to fill the gap. This is where trucking businesses come in. The following are ways to ensure […]

A home's garden

Top Tips to Reclaim Your Home’s Curb Appeal

If your home’s exterior is no longer as attractive as it once was, you need not just sit back wistfully dreaming of bygone days. There are many amazing ways to bring the glory back to your outdoors for little or nothing. Try some of these easy to do projects. Tend to the lawn When people […]