3 Common Myths about Texas Busted

Houston SkylineTexas for a lot of people has stuff for urban legends passed from generation to generation. Eventually, this gave rise to wrongful, misleading information about the state. What is Texas? Here are three common myths about the state:

1. Crime Rate

Granted, Texas is guilty of sending the most number of innocent people behind bars, but the Lone Star State doesn’t top the country regarding crime rate. It’s nowhere near the top ten, according to World Atlas and USA Today. The unfortunate recognition belongs to Louisiana, Alaska, and Tennessee.

2. Food and Drinks

Think of a gastronomic adventure in Texas, and perhaps all you could imagine is lots of Tex-Mex, barbecues, and chili con carne. But do you know it’s one of the best states to find the most amazing pecan pie? It shouldn’t surprise you as it’s the state nut. Texans also make some of the thirst-quenching sweet teas.

3. Landscape

Texas isn’t just about the desert. Instead, its landscape varies. This is understandable since the state is the second largest regarding size in the country. While desert valleys and grasslands are common, but so are wooded mountains, blackland prairies, and playa lakes. It also has one of the extensive coastal areas due to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. One of the earliest industries here is shipping!

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Texas isn’t a perfect state. For example, although it doesn’t have an income tax, property tax is high. But correcting the myths is essential to give you the right picture of the Lone Star State and why, despite its imperfections, many still want to move here.   

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