3 Ways to Look More Professional

ProfessionalsProfessionalism doesn't just start and end with your work shift. Being respectable is a way of life. Here are some ways you can live professionally and look good doing it:

Look Good on Social Media

Employers nowadays take our social media personas into account during the hiring process.  Have professional portrait photographers take your profile picture to ensure you give off the right impression. Avoid posting unflattering or scandalous pictures of yourself online. If you must, consider having two separate accounts: a private, personal account for family and close friends, and a respectable, public account for networking purposes. 

Put in the work

If you want to look good on the outside, start with inside the confines of your bathroom. All the basics of proper hygiene will prove to be essential if one wants to look professional.

Your hair is also something you shouldn't overlook. Your hairstyle can change the way people perceive you by the way it can accentuate certain facial features. Consider going to a professional hairstylist to help you pick out a style that emphasizes your best features. 

Getting clothes that fit you

For most people, off-the-rack clothing doesn't perfectly conform to their body's proportions. This is because the secret to having sharp, flattering clothes is tailoring. You can either learn to make simple adjustments yourself, or you can hire a tailor to alter your clothes for you. Most of the time, this is what makes the difference between looking so-so in the office, and being a head-turner. 

Remember, looking good doesn't just happen naturally. Even those who are born with good features must put in the work to maintain what they have. By applying the proper techniques, you'll surely come off as a cool, respectable professional anywhere you are. 

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