4 Gift Ideas for Your Foodie Friend

Kitchen full of cooking utensilsPicking a gift for you foodie friend can both be easy and difficult at the same time. On one hand, they would probably love any gift that is food related. On the other, there is always that possibility that they have already had or tried your food-related gift. Here’s how to solve your dilemma:

Gift hampers

If you are not entirely sure what your friend’s favourite food is, or if you just want them to have an assortment of goodies, why not give them a gift hamper. Hampers include different artisanal food items like biscuits, cakes, cheeses, drink mixes and wines. You can order gift hampers online and even customise the content of your present, Champers Hampers adds.

Sampler sets

Sampler sets are the way to go if you’re not sure what your foodie friend would love or which one they've already tried. Whatever your foodie friend’s favourite food is, there is likely a sampler set — be it cheeses, chocolates, spreads, spices, and even different kinds of salts and olive oils. You can even pay for their monthly subscriptions.

Brewing kit

Who does not love tea? For your foodie friend, give them a special set of gourmet teas. To complete your gift, why not include a special teapot or press along with a tea ball or strainer.

Baking set

Does your foodie friend love to bake? There are DIY kits for those who love to whip up delicious treats. Most DIY kits come with the recipe plus all the ingredients. Some even include the baking implements such as baking trays, liners and rolling pins. The best part about this is you may even get to taste the finished product.

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If you have a foodie friend, why not buy them one (or even all if your budget permits) of the above-mentioned items.

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