3 Common Myths about Texas Busted

Texas for a lot of people has stuff for urban legends passed from generation to generation. Eventually, this gave rise to wrongful, misleading information about the state. What is Texas? Here are three common myths about the state: 1. Crime Rate Granted, Texas is guilty of sending the most number of innocent people behind bars, […]

The Huge Benefits of Having an Offshore Team

In recent years, more and more companies abroad are benefitting from the advantages of having offshore teams, especially knowledge process outsourcing teams in the Philippines. At first, it seems trivial how one major corporation can work with offshore support teams, but advancements in technology, especially IT security, have made it possible and even advisable to build […]

Why New Transit Bags are More Effective than Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap has become a mainstay of shipping and transportation, and is the go-to packaging for fragile objects. Though bubble wrap is still one of the most popular ways to protect products during shipping, it is hardly the most effective. When it comes to protective packaging materials, transit bags perform better than bubble wrap and offer improved protection […]

How PR Boosts Digital Marketing

Going digital may be perceived as better than offline and mainstream advertising. After all, social media platforms and emails are easier to utilise in promoting and advertising your business. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that digital marketing can survive without PR. In Australia, many companies in cities like Melbourne hire PR companies […]

Reasons to Buy a Pontoon Boat

Buying a boat is a good investment, but not just any boat. You have probably heard of buying pontoon boats in Michigan. Here are three reasons why you should consider buying them instead of fishing boats. It can do a whole lot more. A fishing boat is made for fishing. However, when you buy a […]