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What Should You Audit in Your HR Department?

The evolving nature of human resource practices and demands require professionals to work hand-in-hand with their owners to improve the overall performance of their businesses. When you conduct an audit, you identify aspects that need improvement and enable that department to start initiatives that result in positive changes. Insufficient Personnel Documents Some experts that run a HR compliance audit […]

Tips for Creating Electronic Documents that People Will Read

In the age of paperless offices and businesses, electronic documents have become more important than ever. From brochures, newsletters, journals, digital magazines, to books, e-publishing is likely to become the most lucrative media of the future. There have been many new developments in e-publishing software and file formats in recent years. Whether you’re running a […]

3 Best Laptops You Can Buy for 45,000 PKR or Less

Spending too much on a new laptop is not ideal. For one, you might end up upgrading months after your recent buy. Another thing is you can purchase high-performing laptops on a budget. With 45,000 PKR, you won’t get the latest features and configuration, but you may still score a high-performing laptop with an Intel® Core™ […]