Loyalty concept shot

Loyalty is the Key: Keeping Your Employees from Resigning

It is finally happening: Millennials are beginning to phase out baby boomers from workplaces. They bring fresh ideas to companies in different industries, so their business can keep up with the competition and the changing interest of the current market. However, as London-based finance recruitment agencies say, it is evident that many of these fresh blood of employees […]

Proven Tips to Grab Your Target Client’s Attention

Thousands of advertisements and marketing messages vie for a single customer’s attention every day. Many of these messages are from your competitors, which means that to stand out from the crowd, you should be willing to think outside the box. So, how do you truly grab a potential customer’s attention? Consider vehicle wraps The use […]

Couple talking to a public claims adjuster

Choosing a Public Claims Adjuster: What You Need to Know and Do

Losing your property in a storm or fire is devastating, which is why you must put all measures to avoid such an occurrence. In case it happens, you need to find ways to handle the mess. With a home insurance policy, you are aware that, you can file a claim for compensation after losing your property. […]

Lendlease – People are at the Heart of Everything They Do

Founded in 1958 in Sydney, Australia, Lendlease has grown into a multinational construction, property and infrastructure company with properties across Australia, Asia and the Americas. The Singapore branch of Lendlease is perhaps best known for Paya Lebar Quarter, a mixed development space that combines modern offices, retail, and residential spaces with ample greenery for an attractive, sustainable community. One […]

A home's garden

Top Tips to Reclaim Your Home’s Curb Appeal

If your home’s exterior is no longer as attractive as it once was, you need not just sit back wistfully dreaming of bygone days. There are many amazing ways to bring the glory back to your outdoors for little or nothing. Try some of these easy to do projects. Tend to the lawn When people […]

Why it Matters: Using Quality Furniture in Schools

To show that you’re running a prime educational institution, furniture should be deemed as a worthy investment. Choosing classroom fixtures from school furniture suppliers should be a part of your priorities. You may not be aware of this, but quality furniture plays an important role in education and it is essential for faculty, staff members, and students […]

Getting a Mortgage? Don’t Just Rely on Banks

Banks are a good source of home loan funding, as they are competitive with other mortgage lenders. The sad part is banks don’t offer a large variety loan of programs. Some may not offer a certain low down payment mortgage or home loan renovation programs. As these institutions mostly focus on standard loans, you may […]