Improving Your Business Security: Reasons to Hire a Private Security Firm

All businesses have security needs. They need to protect their people and properties from thefts and other crimes. One of the best things you can do is to hire the services of a private security company to make sure everyone and everything in your business premises is safe. FastMoves Executive Protection lists the top benefits […]

New Roof Could Equal to Zero Dollars (In the Long Run, That Is)

Whenever homeowners decide to embark on a massive home improvement, they’re usually doing this for their own enjoyment and benefit. Even though they expect the project to improve their home value, a majority of these only add a small amount to the total. Fortunately, as and other experts noted, home improvement projects that bring you the best […]

4 Tips for Truck Business Owners

The truck business is a competitive industry to be in. Due to the many opportunities that opened because of the demand for transporting supplies to different countries and states, business owners have realized that there is a need to fill the gap. This is where trucking businesses come in. The following are ways to ensure […]

Stop These Decisions from Draining Company Funds

Corporate funds need to be audited carefully to know where every cent is going. Losing money does not automatically mean someone is sticking their hand in the cookie jar, however. Sometimes, unwise decisions are what’s costing you so much. Here are some examples: Replacing Carpets Instead of Regularly Maintaining Them Sure, carpets need to be […]

An Ongoing Skills Shortage: The Aftermath of the Brexit Vote on Recruitment

Employers are facing challenges in recruitment as the number of candidates for jobs plummet after the Brexit vote. It has, in fact, cast uncertainty over the recruitment industry: there has been an evident skills shortage in IT, engineering and accountancy. Furthermore, the number of permanent vacancies across the professional sector has also gone up. As […]

Online marketing homepage on a laptop screen

Key Channels to Employ for Your Property Project Marketing Strategy

Creating a fruitful property marketing strategy requires organizing your advertising activities, executing effective marketing tactics and defining and tracking metrics. Printing fancy brochures will not just cut it in the rapidly growing digital marketing landscape. A comprehensive media marketing strategy involves paid, owned and earned media; also referred to as the online marketing trifecta. Here […]