Chris Joslin’s Noob Guide to Skateboarding

Guide to SkateboardingSkateboarding is a fun and exhilarating sport, even if you’re just cruising around the streets, busting flip tricks, or grinding rails and ledges. You’ve always admired Chris Joslin and wish you could take his place someday.

However, you’ve never even set foot on a skateboard your entire life. If you’re too embarrassed to try in public, get a half pipe for any level skater. Don’t worry, it’s never too late to start.

Choose the right footwear and know your stance.

Use skating shoes when boarding, as they are specially created to heighten and support the performance of a skater. They also have special safety features like advanced sole grip patterns, impact protection, lace protectors, and ankle support.

Once you have the proper footwear, you’ll be ready to give this sport a try. Stand on top of your board and distinguish which stance you’re comfortable in. With a regular stance, you stand with your left foot forward. A goofy stance is when you have your right foot forward. Don’t be fooled by the names though, as there isn’t a right or wrong stance. Some people are even ambidextrous, and can regularly switch between both stances.

Push around and try basic tricks.

The main thing you want to do is to get comfortable with your board. Stand on it and get your balance before you begin any movements. Once you’re a little relaxed, try to push it around. Try bracing yourself against a wall or on something you can use to gain leverage, then balance yourself on the leg touching the board and use your other leg to push the board forward. The trick is to now pivot your foot to make room for your other foot on the board, while maintaining your balance. Make sure you're wearing protective gear, like a helmet, and elbow and knee pads too, and keep on practicing on the smoothest ground you can fine until you get it down.

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And remember to use your back foot when pushing against the ground. Using your front foot to push will make you lose balance and control of the board, which isn't bound to bode well for a beginner skater.

To do a carve or turn, either lean on your heelside (towards your heel) or toeside (towards your toe). To turn faster, execute tic-tacs by placing the back of your foot on the deck’s tail (end of the board) and putting your front foot in the middle of the board. Lift the board’s nose (front end of the board) by leaning back slightly, then use your shoulders and front foot to direct where you want to go.

Just be sure to pace yourself and master the basics before doing all the tricks. After all, Rome wasn't skated in a day.

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