Considering Gutter Helmets? Know your Options

A gutter installed on a roofGutter guards have one important function, but they don’t perform at the same level. This is especially true where the channeling of water and protection against debris and leaves is concerned.

Moreover, the type of a gutter guard that you choose influences the number of times you’ll need to clean and maintain the gutters. If you opt for gutter helmets from Klausmair Construction, for instance, you’ll have an easier time keeping them in good condition. Learn about the types of guards available and find out why gutter helmets are the smart option.

1. Perforated

Perforated guards are made to fit under the shingles and protect the gutter. While this gutter guard type is good at keeping away leaves and bigger debris, it does not keep away cedar needles, seeds, and pods from the surrounding environment. Homeowners should note that this gutter type requires frequent cleaning since the perforations are easily clogged by debris, which could cause water to overflow.

2. Foam

Foam guards are manufactured from porous polyurethane materials and inserted directly into the gutter. They reduce the accumulation of debris in your roof by a bigger margin. They are relatively affordable and easy to install, as well. However, they require frequent clean-up and maintenance work to stay functional.

3. Surface Tension or Reverse-Curve Gutters

Surface tension guards are specially designed to move rainwater down. They are also designed to make your debris and leaves drop down to the ground, rather than collect in your gutters. Due to the complicated nature of its operation, these gutters must be professionally installed. Opting for professional help also guarantees you a warranty.

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These gutter guards make better gutter guards compared to perforated or foam gutter guards. If a homeowner has the time and extra funds, then they shouldn’t miss out on the chance to do so.

Gutters serve an important function to protect your house from rain damage. When they become clogged, they are unable to move the water and might end up sagging and pulling away from the roof. To protect your property, install a gutter helmet.

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