Corporate Coffee: Bringing the Coffee Break to the Office

An employee pouring coffee in a cupCoffee is a popular drink, and coffee shops are the place to go for break time. However, smart managers are bringing coffee to the office to encourage their staff to take their breaks at the office.

Since its cultivation in Arabia in the 15th century, coffee has become one of the most popular drinks on the planet. Today, the exportation of coffee is a multi-billion dollar industry, making 20 billion worldwide.

Coffee shops are one of the fastest-growing sub-sectors in the US, with profits increasing 7 % each year. People love to go to coffee shops during their breaks, and these are one of the most desirable places to meet friends.

The forward-thinking manager, then, brings the coffee shop to the office. Instead of the traditional water machine, more managers are choosing corporate coffee solutions to provide varieties of coffee for their staff that rival that of any coffee shop.

Make the office a place to relax

At coffee shops, employees are away from their colleagues and the ethos of the company. Redesigning the workspace with coffee machines, cosy sofas, and meeting areas combined, will encourage more people to take their breaks in the office.

Coffee hinders the activity of the adenosine receptor that is responsible for tiredness, so after relaxing with the steaming brew, professionals have a renewed surge of energy.

Increase productivity

Studies show that the coffee shop style atmosphere encourages productivity. Background noise of chatter and coffee machines can actually cultivate creativity. The Journal of Consumer Research found that people who listen to the clinking of coffee cups and friendly chat while they work can concentrate better and get more work done.

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To make the office a place where everyone wants to be at, redesign the space to include lounging areas and coffee machines. It will keep them alert, help them concentrate, and make the work environment a fun place to be.

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