Desktop Publishing 101: An Introduction

Guys In Front Of A ComputerThey say that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in reality, we do. While content should not be dismissed just because it comes in an unattractive form, the question really should be “Why don’t we create a cover worthy of the book content?” This is where desktop publishing comes in.

What is desktop publishing?

Desktop publishing refers to the process of arranging and rearranging texts and graphics of a page to make it look polished. The design and layout of the page are not only to make it look visually pleasing but to also make information more readable, thus helping facilitate better communication.

A bit of history

The publishing industry experienced a major shift in the mid-1980s when the first desktop publishing software was introduced, the Apple Laserwriter. It was shortly followed by two more software, the Pagemaker from Aldus. Later on, the Adobe Pagemaker became the industry standard and forever changed the publishing industry.

Tools of the trade

Nowadays, there are several software and tools available for desktop publishing. There’s one for any level of user, from a beginner to a professional graphic designer. Some of the software that is commonly used for desktop publishing include Adobe InDesign, Scribus, QuarlxPress, and Microsoft Publisher.

 Desktop publishing today

Today, desktop publishing is not limited to the publishing and advertising industries. With web presence becoming the standard for businesses, people knowledgeable in graphic design and desktop publishing are essential for any business. 

At present, text and information have become more and more visually oriented, and businesses need people that can efficiently deliver such need. From websites, presentations, catalogues, advertisements, videos, and documents, graphic designers knowledgeable in desktop publishing software are the ones who can take these media to the next level, helping businesses stand out from their competition.

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