Dressing up the Reception: What You Should Know About Wedding Linens

Wedding Reception Table SettingYou've exchanged vows. You've signed the papers. You're officially married. Now, it's time for the reception–the first celebration of your married life. You have your family and friends around you and good food to share. 

You may think no thought is needed in choosing wedding linens, but you are wrong. They make or break the look of your wedding. But it's not that complicated. 

To Cover the Table or Not 

When your reception comes with beautiful wooden tables, there's no need to cover them up. They add to the appeal of the decor; it's just a crime not to show them off. However, if you're renting the tables together with the linen rentals, it's better to highlight the beautiful fabrics you got along with the napkins for the event. It's even better if you've got the table napkins, runners, and tablecloths all working with the wedding theme. 

For Runners, Width and Texture Matter

There is more to runners than just that piece of fabric that runs the length of your table. They should be the right width, so they do not eclipse your tableware, especially in wedding pictures. If you're opting not to use a tablecloth, the runner should hold its own without overpowering the wooden table you're showcasing. If you have a tablecloth, the runner's fabric should provide a bit of contrast, whether through prints or texture. 

Choosing Patterns and Colors  

Your wedding linens are most prominent when it's time to take those pictures, and you want everything to look good together. They should harmonize quite well. This means choosing the right color even for smaller items such as table napkins. The fold doesn't matter–you can go for a complicated pattern or a simple roll–but it should not overpower any other design element on the table. 

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Certain elements add to the beauty of your wedding reception. Choose wedding linens that add charm and appeal instead of ruining the table setting. 

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