Drinking Up the Hype: Why Use Shrink Sleeves for Labeling Drinks?

Wine BottleShrink sleeve labeling is one of the most effective labeling processes for bottled beverages today. But, is the trend worth following or just a passing fad? What particular advantages does this process have over the usual bottle labeling methods of generations past?

Consider the following benefits shrink labeling can offer your own brand and bottles before you make your conclusions:

Catches AttentionWith quality shrink sleeve labels, your company can be more creative with your label design. You can put in unusual and colorful artwork without sacrificing your design’s integrity or colors. Also, you can print more information because shrink sleeve printing can accommodate very small fonts and still make it readable. With a combination of an eye-catching label, a novel-looking bottle and more information, your products have a bigger chance of attracting potential buyers.

Protects Your Products – A shrink sleeve label can double as a tamper seal so your company is spared from making two separate seals. You won’t need to add other features to your bottles such as coloring or UV protection since the label will fully cover your product’s surface. Also, having fewer treatments applied on your bottles equates to fewer chemicals getting into your drinks.

Less Cost, More ProfitVisual appeal usually produces more curious customers and in turn, this results in profits. Also, with the number of features you won’t need to spend on with your finished products, you will be reducing cost production. Savings plus increased profitability gives you a winning combination and all because you used shrink sleeves instead of traditional labels.

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Overall, a shrink sleeve label’s main charm for beverage companies is that they can produce profits while looking really smart. It may mean added investments for label redesign but the benefits you will earn will make it all worth it. That said; expect that shrink sleeve labels will be staying for a long time and will continue to make improvements on the beverage industry for years to come.

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