Excessively Squeaky Floors: Why Your Flooring is So Noisy

Floor getting re-tiledMany homeowners prize their hardwood floors for many reasons, including their natural beauty and impressive longevity. However, just like any other construction material, they can still develop an array of problems, including damages brought about by age and wear and tear. Improper use and treatment, as well as neglect, also speeds up their degradation.

Failure to properly maintain this type of flooring system can lead to staining, denting, cracking, chipping, and warping, which can then result in premature failure. And while many of these only affect the appearance of the flooring, some forms of structural damages already warrant replacement.

Noises: Signs indicating potential need for replacement

One such warning sign that you should already consider contacting a Utah hardwood flooring installation specialist like Pioneer Hardwood Flooring INC is when the existing system already generates quite a lot of noise. Often, when many areas of the current flooring produce squeaks and thuds even at the lightest step, it already signals a compromised structural integrity.

How these floors degrade in the first place

Learning more about the possible causes of hardwood flooring problems can help you prevent them from happening in the first place. A common reason is improper installation, which often leads to the floorboards or panels not fitting together snugly. The spaces and gaps allow for these components to rub or slap against each other, causing the noise. Having this fixed promptly can save you from much more expensive repairs in the long run.

Some of the other common reasons behind the failure of hardwood flooring include termite infestation, leaks, as well as higher-than-normal indoor humidity levels that can cause rotting and mold development. And of course, abuse of the floors also hasten their disintegration.

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Repairing and/or replacing to keep safety hazards at bay

The longer you delay the necessary repairs or replacement of your hardwood floors, the more expensive it will get. Also, bear in mind that faulty flooring can give rise to safety hazards, as they can collapse and cause injuries. So as early as possible, have your noisy flooring checked and repaired/replaced.

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