Feels Like a Movie: Situations that Make You Feel Like You’re in a Horror Film

Horror Movie CharacterCliché, movie-like moments such as high school drama, frat wars, and yes, the quintessential lean-against-the-window-while-it-rains-outside pose could trigger nostalgia. They make you feel like your life is straight out of a movie.

There are other seemingly normal situations you could encounter, however, that feel like they are straight out of a horror film.

Finding out You’re Alone at Home

“The Shining,” which remains one of the best horror movies of all times, tells the story of Jack Torrance, his wife Wendy, and their son Danny. It was a slow unraveling of supernatural forces in a deserted hotel.

Now, the exact situation may not happen to you. But imagine humming in the shower and realizing that nobody else is home. This sense of solitude and vulnerability is horrifying; even amusement parks take advantage of this concept in their haunted houses.

Encountering a Maze in the Garden

“The Shining” is also famous for the scene in the hedge maze, where a limping Jack chases after Danny for what seemed like an excruciatingly endless scene. It triggered the proper emotions from movie viewers because not knowing where to go and where a path will lead to is terrifying to many — especially if there is something sinister chasing after them.

Horror-themed amusement parks have caught on to the idea that a seemingly peaceful maze could be frightening. For instance, The Haunting Experience features a corn maze for thrill seekers to get lost in.

Walking Down a Deserted Hallway

Finally, walking down a deserted hallway, especially in a hotel, could make you feel paranoid. You might have had one of those moments where you stepped out of the elevator, took a few steps, realized that everything is too still, and thought “There’s something behind me, isn’t there?” or “Something will totally appear in front of me.”

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“The Shining” captured this paranoia perfectly during the scene where Danny was biking down the corridor and the spooky Grady twins materialized out of nowhere and started chanting at him. What makes it so effective is that anyone can feel that same paranoia — even a grown man might be hesitant to look over his shoulder when walking down a long, empty hallway.

Being home alone, walking through a maze, and walking down a hallway are seemingly everyday things that you don’t have to think twice about. When you’re in a haunting mood, however, they might feel like a horror movie come to life.


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