Food Presentation Styles You Should Know

Sandwich and fries on wooden platePeople who run food service businesses know that distinctive food presentation is one of the keys to keeping customers happy. Creating a thoughtful and unique plating style complements both the taste and appearance of your food. Here are some ideas to help you in your next culinary presentation:

Placing your ingredients

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to arranging your ingredients. These include plating and keeping your catering beverage dispenser close to the dining area.

Meanwhile, when you are ready to place your portions on the plate, picture a wall clock. Begin with runny food, and arrange your ingredients from three to nine, to twelve and back to three. Begin with protein, starch and carbohydrates and finish with the vegetables.

Creating flavours

Flavour portions are the forkfuls of food; they combine all ingredients in one bite. Creating them pleases both the eyes and the taste buds. However, remember not to overcrowd your canvas. You can use protein as the focal point, but ensure other ingredients play a complementary role.

Choosing the right plates

Selecting the right plates for your food is central to creating an amazing presentation. One conceptualised way is to see yourself as an artist, the food as your paint, and the plate as your canvas. Ensure that your plate is sufficiently large so that your food does not appear to be too much, but not too huge so as not to make your portions look too small. The colour of your plate is also critical. White plates are the best since they offer a bright background.

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Plating can provide a nice experience for your customers and lure them back to your restaurant. However, some inevitable plating changes can be hard to stomach especially if you are not sure which ones are the best to implement. Although Australia is rich in ingredients, creating some trending food presentation from outside can receive a warm welcome.

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