Halloween’s Almost Here: Is Your Brand Ready for the Web?

Branding Strategy With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming right after Halloween, people tend to forget that the holiday also substantially increases online sales figures. In fact, Red Rider Creative reports that Americans spent over $6.9 billion online on Halloween costumes alone in 2013; other online activities, such as web designing, also experience an increase in sales during the holiday.

Given that Halloween places 4th in the list of holidays that increases e-commerce profit, it will be a loss if you don’t take advantage of the opportunity and prepare your online brand for the season. Halloween is just a few weeks away, so let’s get you, your web site, and your brand all spooked up.

Start Simple: Update Your Avatars and Cover Images

Get a graphic designer to create spooky and unique graphics that will “scare” your customers into sharing, liking, and retweeting it. Remember that different images yield different positive results. If you replace your Facebook cover, it will be seen by your fans in their news feed, while if you replace your Twitter avatar, it could rise above your competitors!

Be Clever With Your “Creepy” Copywriting!

Sound clever by including some seasonally appropriate jokes and descriptions that combine your products and industry with Halloween. If you are selling a luxurious wine bar, why not go with “Hello-wine” to resemble Halloween! You can even go further by acquiring a unique, creepy domain name for your campaign, like “WebHostingDoesntScare.Me” to advertise a project where you describe how simple it is to purchase and utilize web hosting.

Put Your Product in the Context of Halloween

It’s important to put your product or service into the context of Halloween. Oreo’s content serves as a good example. They connected with their online fan base and challenged them to produce custom Oreo “monsters” for Halloween. The winner of the content formed a bat-like creature out of candy corn and, of course, Oreos. While Oreo had nothing to do with Halloween, the company called on their fans and followers all over social media to give their contest traction. All they needed were a simple task and a great prize that turned out to be a unique concept!

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You don’t need a lot to take advantage of the scariest holiday in the world. Halloween is just around the corner, so engage your community, replace your social media pics, and customize your site. Good luck!

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