High-Quality Content: Optimize Now, Publish Later

Digital Marketing in DenverDigital marketers are no strangers to two realities: high-quality content is necessary, and it’s difficult to produce.

Good content requires more than just writing – it’s a healthy mix of ideas, research, consultation with experts, and proper grammar. Once writers hit the “Publish” button, they hope for something in return. But what happens when nothing happens at all?

You may have poorly written content that is not optimized for search engines.

For Third Stage Marketing, a digital marketing company in Denver, improvements in writing go better with content optimization techniques.

High-Quality Content – Always

Great content has always been elemental to any website’s success. Optimization is important, but if your content is less than great, you work with nothing.

Keyword stuffing used to be the best trick in the SEO book. But ever since Google realized the demand for relevant content, they started penalizing low-quality and keyword stuffed pieces.

Writing great content requires further research on your end. To develop interest and authority, it pays to understand who you are writing to – what do they want and need from you? Readers enjoy content that is entertaining and answers their questions; work on solving problems and not boring readers.

High-quality content is always a must; just don’t forget to optimize next.

Optimize Thy Content

Keep your content running by pursuing tangible results. Don’t be too confident when your written content brings the site to the top; achieve a better performance through SEO optimization.

Doing content optimization right comes with a number of approaches; still, content should always have the following:

  • Compelling or catchy headlines containing the main keyword
  • Subheadings with the main and other LSI keywords
  • Images complete with ALT tags
  • Natural keywords in the text
  • Main keyword placed in the first paragraph
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If you are after search value and better connections with the target audience, content optimization should be at the top of your list.

Build Trust with Links

There was a time when SEO cared too much about links. Sites that linked more got better ranks. It all changed in 2012, however, when Google Penguin came and penalized sites that used links to manipulate search engines.

Links are still important, but it’s no longer about quantity. Quality makes the difference. Content should contain high-quality internal and external links to build trust, which also promotes better search rankings.

Social Media: Your New Best Friend

Social media is an important aspect of digital marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks are ideal platforms to raise brand awareness and customer loyalty. It’s no wonder businesses are fans of social networks – it’s one of the best ways to keep consumers engaged and updated.

Content pages should always come with convenient social sharing features. The buttons should be located at the bottom or at the top of the page. If users like what they read, they can easily share it with their friends.

You can write all the good content you want, but without optimization, all efforts go to waste. Remember to include SEO before you hit the Publish button for a winning strategy. 

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