How Being Foreign-Trained Can Land You A UK Teaching Job

Teaching Job in Petts WoodTeaching in the UK can be a great opportunity. With more holidays than school calendars in North America and Australia, a teacher’s life in the United Kingdom can be very accommodating. But beginning a career in the UK, especially with foreign training, can be a challenge. But there are also many ways having a foreign background will help you land a great job.


All UK teachers must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a training institution. Link Education, a vital online portal for teachers, says this is the bare minimum for teachers. Before teaching, you will have to apply for a qualified teacher status certification (QTS), the National College for Teaching and Leadership awards these certifications.

Specialised Training

Having a foreign degree will make you an attractive choice for teaching specialised classes. For example, if you studied language or literature in Germany, you’d serve as a great German literature teacher to schools who offer the subjects.

A New Culture

Having a different educational background will make the school more diverse. You will be able to extend insights from other culture and share authentic stories to your students. Foreign-trained teachers can offer a great perspective on how diverse the world is and spark curiosity.

A New Language

As a foreign-trained or foreign teacher, you can teach a language you already speak. As a speaker yourself, students will give expert tutelage. They can also experience languages beyond the textbook, and the learning becomes more direct.

Boost Confidence in the Workplace

Many language teachers in the UK struggle with what they have to teach. With a foreign-trained or foreign teaching aide, these teachers will able to practise their skills and refine their proficiency in the language. This can definitely bolster the mood in a place.

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Foreign-trained and foreign teachers in the United Kingdom aren’t just stop-gap solutions to meet demands. They are hired, too, because of their unique qualifications that benefit the school, and most importantly, the students.

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