How Can You Tell if Your Home’s Roof Has to Be Replaced?

Man replacing the roofYour roof is leaking everywhere. You’re not that surprised because you bought your home years ago, and even then it was already several decades old. Some roofs can still last a few more years with some good repair work, but how do you know if it’s too late for that?

These signs should more or less tell you it’s time to call a Maryland roofing professional to replace your old roof.

Your Roof is Old

A typical asphalt shingle roof can last up to 20 years, 25 maybe if it receives plenty of care. When your roof gets this old, and it’s leaking in different spots, you should seriously consider replacing it already.

Inspection in the Attic Confirms It

When you inspect your roof, don’t start outside. Start in your attic. Can you see shafts of light coming in through the roof? Those are holes, which means your roof is damaged in different areas. Another sign to watch out for is if you can see daylight through some spots of your roof. That means the roof has weakened and is about to fail.

Shingles Showing Damage

Old shingles typically buckle, curl, lose most of their granules, or simply go missing. You might find shingle granules in the gutters. For shingles in one small spot, it might be possible to repair. But if your roof is old anyway, it won’t be long before the rest follow. Time to call a contractor. Shingles that get damaged too soon may mean your contractor installed a defective roof. This is why you should always keep the warranty documentation.

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Shingles are Absent in the Roof Valleys

Valleys in your roof direct snow and water to the gutter and down spouts. If the shingles are damaged in the valleys or are missing, you need a new roof. Start shopping before leaks start.

Chimney Flashing Damage

Many older roofs may have roof cement or tar around the chimney. This usually leads to failure and leaks. If you see damage in this area, time to replace the flashing with metal or another better-sealing alternative.

If you see any of these problems with your roof, talk to your contractor about a replacement. Small leaks can lead to big and costly problems if you don’t act fast.

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