How Infographics Benefit Your SEO Campaign

SEO Strategy in Peachtree CityPut simply, infographics are visual representations of knowledge, data, or information targeted to present complex information clearly and quickly. These gather, arrange, and turn data into a more user-friendly visual like a map or chart.

SEO and Infographics

Although content is extremely practical, it could come off as bland for some readers. Words on a page (without graphics) do not always help with user experience, which is the main reason writers emphasize on style and formatting. Two Miles Digital Services and other SEO consultants in Peachtree City noted that infographics could do so much more than a great visual aid. They could boost natural links and provide something worthwhile for search engine bots to feast on.

The Benefits of Infographics

How could infographics benefit your SEO efforts? For one, it helps with link building. About 60% of individuals learn through visuals, so infographics are a good way to capture user attention and encourage users to share your content and then credit it back to your site. Users will highly likely feature your content and link it back to your site, which in turn increases your web traffic and relevant links.

Likewise, infographics are easy to understand. They are easily shareable through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter. They’re also great for promoting your brand. Produce an infographic that’s relevant to your target market and it could easily go viral. Subtly sneak in your brand or company logo on your infographic and experience an increase in your online presence and reputation.

Still not convinced? Many other studies report that over 90% of information people remember is centered on visual impact. Add to that the fact that you’re living in the digital age wherein millions of videos, hundreds of millions of social media posts, and billions or content are produced every single day, you could begin to understand how a simple infographic could help your SEO campaign.

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