How Recruiters Can Shortlist CVs Effectively

Recruiter interviewing an applicantMany recruiters find it challenging that an increasing number of applicants are submitting their credentials through platforms like e-mail and social media. This has led to numerous CVs in their ‘to review’ database, which may take time to review. Fortunately, you can solve this by simplifying the recruiting process, like learning how to shortlist CVs effectively. Here are three practices to start with:

Develop a Shortlisting Criterion

Recruiters must have a shortlisting criterion to follow during the hiring process. Other than identifying a candidate’s skills, experience, competencies, and education, developing a criterion condenses the process. Base it on the qualities of top performing employees and the additional skills and achievements you are looking for. Do not base it on personal opinion.

Know How Much You Can Interview

How many candidates are you willing to interview? How many roles are you trying to fill? Determine how rigorous the hiring process is to identify the level of the elimination process. If you cannot handle a large number of CVs and interviews, create a timeframe for the recruiting process to determine the candidates you can entertain. Doing this not only saves time, but allows you to thoroughly study and sort quality CVs as well.

Use Recruitment Software

Many recruiters use recruitment software. Other than decreasing recruitment costs, it can ease the process of finding the right candidates by queuing an applicant’s data into a program. More advanced programs like Microdec Recruitment Software can also automate the elements of a project plan and its functions. INEO Consulting and other experts in the field noted how recruitment software can improve the quality of hires.

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An effective recruitment process is vital. Recruiters must consistently find ways to ease the process so they can hire the right candidates. Determine your requirements and take advantage of technology to do this efficiently.

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