Is It Time to Replace Your UPS Battery?

Closeup maintenance free battery for UPS Manufacturers designed the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to provide your equipment with just enough juice for you to save your data and shut it down properly. For businesses, employees can use a UPS during emergencies such as power outages until the power generator kicks in or the electricity comes back. This way, we can avoid unnecessary damage to equipment due to unexpected power interruptions.

When Should We Replace a UPS Battery?

All UPS batteries will need replacement someday, especially when they can no longer support the equipment connected to them because they no longer have the capacity to charge due to age or wear and tear. UPS batteries come with an internal battery test for testing its charging capacity. You shouldn’t solely rely on that, though. You can also perform a known-load test when you can. It is highly advisable to change your battery every four years. However, if there is a lot of battery discharge and it is used under high temperatures, you may want to replace it only after three years. You may also notice some physical signs that it’s time to replace your battery. For example, when is has a bumpy and bulging exterior — this occurs when its temperature fluctuates too much.

What Should We Do with the Old UPS Battery?

Don’t throw away your old battery with the rest of your trash. It contains toxic chemicals. Instead, you should drop it in the nearest recycling center for proper disposal. Some UPS brands, such as APC, include recycling instructions on the packaging of an APC UPS battery replacement. They even offer free shipping to the nearest recycling partner.

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A UPS is a very handy device especially when it comes to protecting your PC or any other equipment against damage from sudden power loss. It could, however, also be a source of a headache when it starts malfunctioning. However, before you buy a new one, you should check first if the problem is with the battery or other hardware issues. Replacing your UPS battery is a much more affordable option than buying a new PC.

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