Know Your Right: Three Types of Unethical Employee Misconducts

Employee MisconductEach employee plays an important role in developing and preserving an ethical workspace. This means that they should know how to behave properly and make ethical decisions. They also need to understand what is misconduct, so the management can deal with it effectively through a private investigator.

If you want to look out for yourself and your company, remember the different types of office misconduct below:

Imbalanced Relationships

Although it’s not unusual for employees to be attached to each other and form relationships, those seemingly innocent relationships have the potential to turn into misconduct. For instance, a manager dating a subordinate will put the company and everyone involved at risk for a sexual harassment claim.

In order to remain on the right side of the law, managers and supervisors have to keep their relationships at the office strictly professional. A supervisor that forms a friendship bond with an employee might even lead to discrimination or favoritism claims.


Insubordination might sound like a small violation, but Advanced Professional Investigations noted that it becomes a serious offense if it happens repeatedly. Private investigators in Denver, Colorado explains that these actions include frequently and purposely not following the work procedure, like using crude language, exceeding scheduled break times, and excessive tardiness. Moreover, employees who miss work without telling anyone, rudely speak back to their supervisors and ignore information requests from coworkers are also considered misdemeanors.


You should know that it is illegal to discriminate against a coworker based on genetic information. For example, if an employee gets sick, her supervisor can’t force her to take a part-time schedule if she doesn’t want to.

These are only some instances of employee misconduct, so you must refer to your employee handbook and your company’s code of conduct to know about others. Keeping these violations in mind will not only protect you from committing it, but it will also save you and your company from employees who do.

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