Living In A Waterfront Home Encourages Healthy and Active Lifestyle

House near a beach on a sunny dayLiving in a waterfront house brings to mind cozy cabins with impressive molding and wraparound porches, or grand houses with large picture windows and glass walls. It also suggests a life that’s quiet, calm and private — and for many people, few things are more valuable than these immaterial benefits.

A waterfront home can be a good investment since they have higher perceived value and rental rates compared to houses farther from the water. Buying a waterfront property, or any home for that matter is a big responsibility. Real estate agency, Rockport Properties, Inc., reminds us that financial readiness and setting realistic expectations are a must.

Privacy and Quiet

The very nature of a waterfront property grants a degree of privacy and isolation that properties inland do not. If the house faces the water and at least one side of the property’s border lines the shore, it would be easy to shut yourself away from the clamor and relish the peace and quiet on the other side of the house. You can read, take naps, meditate, pamper yourself, and enjoy quality time with your family with few distractions in sight.

But let’s be real: privacy and quiet are not always a guarantee for waterfront homes. It depends on the neighborhood that surrounds the house. If there are other residences and properties close by; if the house stands within the boundaries tight-knit community; and there is a commercial establishment next door or a highway right outside, then absolute quiet and complete privacy is not a guarantee.

Opportunities for Water Activities

Living near the water opens opportunities to develop new skills and learn water sports. Fishing is very relaxing and promotes wellness. Those who want more physical activities can try water skiing, jet-skiing, canoeing or sailing. If conditions permit, you can even go swimming every day.

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Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Playing sports and trying to stay fit entails a healthful diet usually follows. Many people living in waterfront homes even grow a vegetable garden. Not all waterfront properties are viable for growing crops, but those that do lie on fertile soil are perfect for home-based organic farming.

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