LOLER: Workplace Safety for Lifting Equipments

A pulley connected to a tractorWhether your business makes exclusive use of indoor- or outdoor-only lifts, or if it combines the power of the two, it’s extremely important to enforce safety and security policies for the utilisation of such heavy equipment. In the United Kingdom, all the legal requirements for the use of lifting equipment fall under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations of 1998 (LOLER).

LOLER: What it covers

  The primary purposes these combined laws serve is to ensure the safety not just of operators such as Premier Platforms, but everyone who may fall victim to malfunctioning equipment. They apply to all types of lifting equipment employers provide for the use in their respective organisations.   A business owner utilising low-level access lifts, scissor lifts, booms lifts, self-drive and towable lifts, or rough terrain boom lifts needs to ensure all these machines abide by the legislation.

Choosing the right equipment for the job

  To stand by LOLER, you need to ensure that the lifting equipment your workers will use have adequate strength, load-bearing power, and stability. Keep in mind that there are several other obligations you have to meet under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), which focuses on the suitability of equipment.   In the case of jobs involving the lifting of people, you have to meet additional requirements. For instance, when you opt to hire a cherry picker for your Staffordshire business, you have to make sure the provider also complies with the mandated safety requirements for the use of the machine. This means more frequently-conducted in-depth and thorough examinations and assessments.

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Keeping everyone safe at work

All in all, it is your responsibility as an employer to provide your workers with a safe place for work, especially in an environment filled with heavy machines that can malfunction and damage properties and people.

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