Long Coach Rides and 4 Ways to Survive It

Friends enjoying a bus rideGoing on board a long haul-flight to get to the other side of the world can be boring, but thanks to in-flight entertainment, food, and snacks, the trip can pretty much be bearable. However, riding on a bus for 4-5 hours is a whole new, different story.

Going to Sydney and other neighbouring places with a hired coach is one way to practically and comfortably get around the country. Through services are superb, and road conditions are good, getting bored on a few hours ride is normal. Thus, here are some tips to help you survive that seemingly unending ride.

Pack your essentials

These essentials often include tissues, medicine, lotion, insect repellent, wet wipes and hand sanitiser as well as your charger and earphones. Extra clothes, food, and water are also a must have. Whether you are going for an overnight trip or a day tour, it is important always to be ready.

Book your tickets early

Avoid long lines that would drain your energy, as much as possible, book your tickets online or in advance to save yourself the hassle of not having seats or booking complications.

Choose your seats wisely

For obvious reasons, avoid sitting below the television, beside the speakers or near the bathroom. Long trips are uncomfortable enough. Don’t make it more uncomfortable by subjecting yourself to such conditions.

Bring your entertainment

Coaches usually play a movie or music to keep the passengers entertained. But it might not be to your liking. Bring your own entertainment. Have your tablet and smartphone to play games with or listen to a podcast. You can also bring a book or some cards. Whatever keeps you entertained, as long as it fits your bag and is legal, bring it.

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Long hail rides might not always be the most fun kind of rides. But with the right preparation, it won’t become your worse either.

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