From One-Person Shops to Co-Working Spaces: How Flexible Working Conditions Benefit Freelancers

Employees Working In An Open WorkplaceFreelancers may operate as independent contractors, but the arrangement doesn’t mean that you need to do your work by your lonesome, locked up in your room all day. Working with fellow freelancers in a shared space could be beneficial for your career, as well. Co-working, after all, provides opportunities to learn from colleagues from different or similar industries, and it could inspire you to come up with new ideas and improve upon your current projects.

Co-working spaces have grown in popularity in recent years. The set-up appeals to the Millennial workforce, in particular, because of the flexibility it offers. The change of scenery can, after all, allow you to step out of your comfort zone and enhance your productive output.

Breakthroughs in the Creation Process

Working in proximity to other professionals with a different skill set can give you unlimited access to a new source of ideas. By learning more about another industry or business, you can expand your horizons and make your brain think in different ways, too. Meanwhile, working alongside others can speed up the creation process, and improve the quality of your output.

Taking Advantage of On-the-Go Tools

Working in a shared space means that you can take advantage of on-the-go tools and increase productivity. The Evernote app, for instance, makes it possible to save web pages, videos, social media posts, and images so the user can write the blog post on the app itself. DropBox also ensures that employees will have the files they need at their fingertips.

A New Set of People and Stimuli

Sometimes, the same day-by-day routine and distractions can sap you of your creative energy. Re-energize and consider working in a new environment with various stimuli. With a change of external conditions, you won’t have to worry about pressing deadlines or clients being unable to access you from your primary location.

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Co-working gives you the benefit of interacting with a wide range of bright minds. By embracing co-working spaces, you can develop new insights and build new perspectives to make it easier for you to do freelance work.

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