Running Your Own Restaurant? Discover the Who, What and Why

Running Your Own RestaurantRunning your own restaurant will be a stressful undertaking without the help of a staff. They should have their individual functions and must contribute to the operation of your restaurant. However, for newer restaurants, some of the staff may have to cross over from one duty to another. For the meantime, you can hire equipment for your commercial kitchen from providers such as Hostservice to save on expenses. Ensure that you will hire people you can rely on by knowing their specific duties:

The Manager

The manager plays the most important role in your restaurant, so make sure that you hire like a pro. This person will assist you with all the duties and will be able to serve as your substitute if you decide to be an absentee owner.

The ideal candidate for this position should have an experience in managing a restaurant and would have to be acquainted with the procedures, suppliers and local buying sources. A manager is the one in charge of opening and closing your restaurant, managing and training the staff, dealing with suppliers, as well as, developing and implementing a marketing tactic. He or she will be the one to buy food and beverages, open the cash register and manage other miscellaneous responsibilities.

The Chef

At some restaurants, the chef is the main attraction. Do not commit the common mistakes when hiring, especially with this job title. A top chef develops their culinary works of art and it is a factor for some restaurants in determining if their business will succeed or fail. Chefs come in different types and their salaries are based on the benefits package, training, location and experience.

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Choosing the right staff for your restaurant will make or break your business. They are the ones who will manage your restaurant, cook for your diners or represent your establishment.

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