Sneeze No More: Stop Allergies at Home

Cleaning Company in Auckland If you or other family members sneeze constantly even when indoors, it’s possible that your home is filled with allergy-causing particles. Dust mites, pollens, and other culprits are probably hiding in the surfaces you don’t expect. This makes it more important to learn how you can get rid of them to prevent allergic reactions.

AA Cleaning Ltd  and other cleaning companies in Auckland share some hacks on stopping allergies at home:

  • Reduce clutter. A messy home is a haven for mould, dust mites, mice, and cockroaches. Be sure not let clothes or paper pile up, as they trap dust and hide allergens.
  • Clean the carpet. Allergens love rugs and carpets, so it is best to vacuum at least once a week. It is best to use one with HEPA filter, so you can capture tiny particles.
  • Address bathroom mould. Keep mould out of the bathroom by scrubbing the tiles using a disinfecting cleaner. You should also clean shower curtains or toss it in the washer.
  • Wash sheets in hot water. Apart from vacuuming the bedroom regularly, don’t forget to wash bedding, linens, and covers in hot water (at least 60°C). If your kid has allergies, do the same for stuffed toys.
  • Run your air conditioner. Open windows can bring allergens in, so it’s best to keep them shut. If it is hot, use the air conditioner to filter the air and prevent dirt, dust, pollens, and other triggers.
  • Avoid scented cleaners. If you or any of your family members have allergies, the fragrances in the cleaners can trigger symptoms. It is best to use fragrance-free products.
  • Keep pets of the bedroom. Other than bathing or grooming your pets (which you should to outdoors), be sure to keep them out of the sleeping area. Don’t let them sleep on the bed if you have allergies.
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These are only some ideas to help you stop allergies at home. It’s important to clean your house regularly to stop dust mites and moulds from accumulating. You could also get the help of cleaning professionals to clean and disinfect your abode.

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