Staff It Right: Picking the Right Truck Driver

Truck DriverBecoming a fleet owner requires you to work with the right people. Doing so will help you ensure efficiency. In the business, efficiency means money saved and money earned. And finding the right people can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

If you have found the right candidates, now is the time to ask them questions — the right ones. These will help you determine if these people are the right fit for your company and culture. Below are some of the types of questions you need to ask your potential employees once they are screened by a provider of truck driver staffing solutions.

Questions on Operations and Roles

Among the first type of questions you need to ask your potential employees should fall under operations. Try to find out what their driving style is. Ask about how they manage their truck. Ask about how much experience they have in the following: delivery, supply chain management, and handling perishables.

Questions on Professional Relations

It is important that your truck driver can easily relate with your other employees. Find out how they make friends or what their conflict resolution style is. If you think that they’re a right fit, you might want to give them a sneak peek at your company culture or how your business’s organizational communication works.

Questions on Strategies

It is also a good thing if your truck driver has special skills that can come in handy. Ask about how they will handle problems on the road, such as car breakdowns and traffic jams. Find out how they are going to deal with late deliveries or manage customer expectations.

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These are only some of the questions you might want to ask your potential truck drivers. If you want your search to be much easier, it is recommended that you work with a reliable staffing company.

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