Tactics that Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Shopping OnlineSales’ is an indicator that your marketing efforts are working and you are satisfying the needs and wants of your target audience. However, there is always room for improvement regarding this metric of your business. An expert from Canberra on web development cites the following tactics that enable you to drive more traffic and increase sales on your ecommerce website.

Guide their Search

The shorter attention span of a visitor means they do not want to spend hours searching for a particular item that may solve their problems or satiate wants. It is up to you to provide them with the choices that may meet their needs. Do so by creating an experience geared towards users; use a smart website that sends recommendations based on what a visitor previously looked for. Provide them with a filter for the features they may want when browsing for particular products. It also helps to include customer reviews and ratings on the product page.

Upsell Strategy

This tactic allows you to provide value to a potential customer who may need an upgrade. This approach is selling a slightly more expensive service or product. In some cases, visitors do not know that a better item is available or think that it may be pricier. Emphasise the differences and benefits of buying the upgrade over their first choice. Will you offer better customer service or warranties? Are there special handmade materials and features? If there are, mention these to try to convince a potential customer.

Reduce Abandoned Carts

A substantial percentage of potential customers abandon their shopping carts just before reaching the checkout page.  One reason for this behaviour is the additional fees added to the initial price that made them add the items to their cart in the first place. Experts cite the following ways to curtail this:

  • Send follow up emails about their cart
  • Provide discount codes
  • Keep their items in the cart
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These are some of the tactics you can employ to improve the sales numbers of your e-commerce website. Do these to gain a competitive advantage and boost your month end revenues.


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