The Advantage of Automation in the Publishing World

Automated Printing MachineTraditional publishers need to overcome many challenges in the ever-changing publishing industry, but it doesn’t mean they are losing their authority. In fact, their job is also evolving with the industry.

How about self-published authors, you ask? Moreover, how about the growing influence of the digital industry? Well, a 2015 survey shows that authors would still choose traditional publishing for their books. As to the second question — well, who says publishers can’t take advantage of change as well?

Automation is one advantage that the digital industry offers the publishing world. Through the use of technology, both author and publisher can optimize their efforts. What exactly are these advantages, though?

Smooth-Sailing Operations

A lot of publishing companies have a lot of staff, and each member has a specific duty to cover. An already hardworking team, however, becomes efficient when equipped with the right technology. Automation, therefore, results in smooth-sailing operations.

For example, there’s a possibility of inaccuracy when calculating and distributing royalties. Royalty management software like what MetaComet® Systems, Inc. offers, however, helps reduce human error.

Less Effort Exerted on Marketing and Promotion

A large amount of effort goes into the marketing and promotion of a book since it’s essential to a published work’s success. It is both costly and time-consuming, however. Some authors would even agree that it can be more time-consuming than the actual writing process!

The large movement towards automated marketing strategies enables a publishing team to polish their PR strategies and gives them time to focus on their overall campaign. This could lead to a large return on investment.

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No Expensive Distribution of Content

Distribution of content used to be very prohibitive. From direct mailings and delivery trucks to newsstands and bookshops, the additional expenses easily piled up. With automated publishing tools and the Internet though, information distribution becomes automatic, fast, and cost-free.

The publishing industry is evolving quickly due to technology. With the help of automation, publishers can take advantage of this growth and make the industry efficient.

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