Top Subject Lines that Boost Opening Rates

Email Subject LinesMany experts said that email marketing is dead, dying or irrelevant, but each year it still rears its head and finds a way to stay relevant. Keeping it as one of your online marketing strategies is still a viable and profitable option. However, getting someone to click on your message is difficult. Some may just avoid or even delete your email immediately.

That’s why it’s important to craft a subject line that will elicit interest, intrigue or any other emotion to entice a potential reader to open it. Here’s how you do that, advises Musselwhite Marketing and Consulting.

Simple and Direct to the Point

An online advertising agency that focuses on email marketing in Temecula cites that the simpler your subject line is the higher the open rate. A minimalist approach allows you to send a clear message to a potential reader and saves them time, which is always a good thing, especially if they’re in a hurry. Succinct and descriptive subjects connect and grab the attention of people who see it.

Humorous Subjects

A funny subject line stands out compared to dull messages in the inbox. However, this is difficult to pull off because it requires inside knowledge about a topic or the thing that you’re trying to make fun of. This is when understanding of your audience comes in, if you know them, you will have an idea of what makes them laugh.

Leveraging Curiosity

Subject lines that indicate a direct benefit are an ideal option, but another topic to think about is piquing the curiosity of a reader. The latter teases a reader about more information or a potential advantage of opening the message.

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A personalized approach is an effective way because it connects with a potential reader. However, using a reader’s name doesn’t work like it used to. Instead of using names, use interest targeting or location-specific offers.

These subject lines are worth a try because of their proven effectiveness; experiment with different subjects to determine which one is best for your campaign.

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