U.S. Labor Department Reports Increase in July Employment

Employed man stepping up on bar graphsThe U.S. Labor Department said that non-farm jobs increased by 209,000 in July. This was more than the expected growth.

The increase took place as advertisements for trucking job openings rose in some states, such as Western Ohio. Companies in the area also seek to hire more registered nurses. Overall, the employment numbers in July represented a higher figure than the revised 231,000 jobs in June.

Economist Expectations

Economists had expected July employment to rise only 183,000 jobs, as opposed to the original 222,000 of new jobs in June. The report also showed that jobs in the leisure and hospitality sector also increased. Meanwhile, there were 16,000 new hires in the manufacturing sector.

These figures caused the unemployment rate in the U.S. to decline (from 4.4% to 4.3%) in June. This statistic aligned with economists’ expectations. Workforce figures also increased by 349,000 in July, the report says. On the other hand, results of a household poll of jobs almost matched the increase of 345,000 workers.

Medical and Transportation Jobs

Truck drivers and nurses are in demand in Western Ohio. A total of 855 vacancies had become live on the internet for heavy- and tractor-trailer truck drivers. Meanwhile, there were 517 online ads for registered nurse openings.

For retail sales personnel, there were 475 job ads. All these listings were live from June 14 to July 13. This is according to Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. From mid-June to mid-July, Western Ohio needed 15,929 more workers.


The increase in jobs indirectly reflected economic growth in the country. However, it may be a good option to hire with the help of staffing agencies. That is if your business has struggled to recruit truck drivers and nurses, among others.

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