UK Seeks Impact of Overseas Students on Employment

A StudentA study will seek to determine the impact of foreign students on employment in the UK, which will be based on the social and economic effects of having such students in the country.

The Home Office plans to commission the study that will 'provide a comprehensive account of the compliance of international students'. A panel consisting of migration experts will oversee the study and will release the results in September 2018.

Student Visas

Despite Brexit, the UK has remained as one of the top academic destinations among the European Union and non-EU students. While it is no secret that some of these students juggle part-time jobs and their studies, the problem lies with many students not leaving the country even after finishing their courses.

An estimated 110,000 students overstay their welcome in the UK each year post-completion of their studies. However, universities criticised the data and claimed these were based on flawed measurements. The Office for Statistics Regulation agreed and said that the figures are 'potentially misleading'. In 2016, internal figures from the Home Office showed that the number of overstaying students only reached an estimated 1,500.

Economic Benefits

Universities UK CEO Alistair Jarvis said that even as the study cracks down on those abusing their student visas, there is no doubt that international students contribute significantly to the British economy.

More than £25 billion of economic benefits can be attributed to them, as well as supporting more than 200,000 jobs, according to Jarvis, citing research by Oxford Economics. For businesses, however, Jennings Morton Friel Associates and other experts noted that it might still be better to hire an HR recruitment agency in the UK for full-time workers.

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The study may or may not lead to tougher policies for international students in the U.K. As the country proceeds to separate itself from the EU, it remains uncertain how the results may affect students from other EU member states.

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