Understanding Gutters, As Well As Overflow and Overshoot Problems

Roof gutter being examinedThe majority of homeowners repairs and replaces their roofs during summer in preparation for the rainy and snowy days. While checking the condition of the roof is commendable, one of the mistakes homeowners do is they do not upgrade their rain gutters. Roof replacement or repair calls for gutter replacement; otherwise, the homeowner will experience overflows and overshoots during the rainy season.

Klausmair Construction reminds residents in Lancaster, PA that roofs are available in different designs. As such, it’s important to understand your type of roof to get the right gutter system to direct rainwater to the ground.

Why Gutters Overshoot

Gutter overshoots occur when your gutter system cannot handle the volume of water flowing down your roof. The water gains momentum as it flows down the roof, and ends up missing the gutter system completely. Installing metal or tile roofing can create an overhang, and your gutters need an adjustment to match up.

Overflowing of Gutters

Water overflows when there is an issue with the size of the gutters. Even if your gutter system installation is proper, the water will flow backwards in the event of a heavy downpour if the gutters are too small.

Choose the Right Gutter Size

From causing water damage to making your home inhabitable, overflowing and overshooting are becoming critical issues for many homeowners. The first step to solving these problems is installing the right gutter system. Choosing the right size of gutters involves measuring your roof and can be complicated.

As a general rule, a 5-inch gutter works for slate and shingle roofs without an overhang, while a 6-inch gutter works for a roof with an overhang. Nevertheless, the rainfall pattern in your area and the design of your property will help you determine the right gutter size.

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You also need to include the right number of downspouts. Often ignored by many people, water is heavy and a little extra water can be damaging to your gutters. Do not wait for that extra water to cause your gutters to sag, crack, and start leaking. Call the professionals immediately to protect your home from costly water damage.

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