Ways to Promote Productivity in the Workplace

Happy workmates collaborating on a projectA productive workplace means a profitable business. But how do you ensure that your employees are productive? Is it enough for you to see that they are busy and engrossed in work when you pass by? Are they able to deliver their expected outputs every day?

Here are some techniques you can use to help promote productivity in the workplace:

Teach your employees the value of delegation and teamwork.

Teach your employees the value of sharing their workload. It is not about who gets the most work done, but who gets the work done at the right time and right the first time.

An employee who is saddled with so much workload will eventually lose productivity. It is important that when one needs help, help is given and other employees can be relied on. Imbibe the value of teamwork – it gets the job done.

Avoid too many chats.

A friendly chat promotes a positive work environment. However, when it prevents an employee to finish his or her work for the day, it is no longer positive. There are office setups that promote too many friendly chats among employees.

You can prevent it if you order desk systems that have partitions, for instance. This way, the employees can work on their own quietly and finish their task without distraction.

Control the length of meetings.

Meetings are important, but meetings that take up the bulk of the production time is not a good sign. Control the length of meetings and limit their frequency. Once or twice a week, depending on the need, can be scheduled.

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You can also send the agenda of the meeting thru email in advance, so your staff will be ready with their questions. You can also opt to answer questions via email to prevent the meeting from taking too long.

Promoting productivity in the workplace is a team effort. Ask inputs from employees on how each and every one can help to promote productivity. By doing so, all your employees will feel that their opinions are valued and that they are key players in making this goal work.

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