Ways to Use AdWords Expanded Text Ads to Your Advantage

Ways to Leverage AdWordsMarketers are finding ways to leverage Google AdWords’ expanded text ads (ETAs); if you are still unfamiliar with this, ETAs provide around 50% more ad text. This allows you to reach and connect with a wider audience and convert at a higher rate.

Denver-based AdWords expert cites that this is the perfect time to hone your advertising skills; he mentions the following ways on you can utilize ETAs.

Creative Call to Action

The extended number of characters provided by the change Google implemented, allows you to have 30 characters in each headline and 80 characters in the description. These provide you with the chance to make a creative call to action that elicits the response you want from potential customers. Some brands place the call to action in the description, while others place it at the end. Experiment to determine which one works best for you and your campaign.

Start with a Question

The extra characters provided by AdWords, provides you with the opportunity to ask a question. Asking questions pique the curiosity of a potential customer, instead of you leading them, they will lead themselves to answer that question or look for the solution in your website. With a question, you won’t sound as imposing and demanding.

Emotional Triggers

People are emotional beings; you want to use this to improve click-through rates. Eliciting certain emotions will get you more paying customers, lower cost-per-clicks and better conversions. The following emotions trigger responses from visitors:

  • Joy
  • Sadness
  • Laughter
  • Empathy
  • Anger
  • Curiosity

Find out ways to insert these emotions in the headlines and description text.

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Across Devices

Remember that you’re writing for an audience that may be using their mobile device or desktop when searching online. The ads you write must have the same message and must be in the context of the user you are targeting.

These are only some of the ways to utilize expanded ads by Google AdWords. Implementing these will give you a competitive advantage.

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