What Can You Expect after a Fire? Two Obstacles to Overcome

Firefighter stopping the fireAs the embers start to die, that’s when it starts to sink in: you’ve just experienced a fire. Your first instinct is to get back to your old life as soon as possible, but that’s easier said than done. You have to deal with the following fire aftermath:

1. Insurance Claim

The first thing you need to do is to file for a fire damage insurance claim. In this manner, your company will provide you with the money to finance your rebuilding or repairs. But you may encounter a few snags.

One, unless you have the presence of mind, the chances of having a physical copy of the policy are slim. It’s always necessary to create soft copies of your important files and save them to the cloud, but if case you haven’t, call your insurance agent right away. A policy is a contract, which means the company should have a copy as well.

Moreover, you need to determine the ideal amount to claim. This process can be tricky and complicated. It’s normal for insurance companies to hold on to their money as much as they can. While working with an insurance representative is a must, you also need independent professionals. These people will help you maximize your insurance claim, so you don’t feel short-changed. They are also important when you don’t agree with the estimates of your insurance company.

2. Rebuilding

You can use the insurance claim to rebuild or repair your property. Usually, companies give you a check, and you can do whatever you want with the money. At other times, the insurers themselves send contractors who will also perform inspections. Depending on how massive the fire is, you may find yourself waiting for weeks or even months before repairs can start. You have three options: wait, use your connections, or be assertive.

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Dealing with the fire damage is hard enough. Making it worse is meeting issues such as your fire insurance claim and rebuilding. Know, though, there are people waiting to help you.

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