What Makes A Good Headshot?

Headshot of a business womanIf you’re a performing artist, your headshot is among your greatest tools. Without a great-looking one, you’re not bound to turn some heads when you submit your papers at a casting call. This is why you must spend good money for a perfect headshot.

Studios such as DC Corporate Headshots offer top-notch services to make every headshot looking professional and clean. You might be wondering what these studious do to produce the ‘perfect’ headshot. Read on to find out.

How The Pros Do It

Compare an amateur shot with that of a professional and the differences are obvious. One of the greatest differences is the lighting and framing of the shot. A headshot is supposed to show the details of your face. As such, the lighting should be just right and the framing should make your unique features stand out. Professional photographers have all the gear, training, and experience to make that happen. Background is blurred, all the focus should be on the face, and light is not overpowering everything else in the image (or underpowered, either).

Most amateur photographers commit an easy-to-avoid mistake: too much close-up. The result is an image where literally only the face is seen. Casting directors aren’t fond of that. They need to see other features (even those that might be less prominent at first glance). They won’t be getting any information from the most basic features. Another common mistake is the landscape orientation. The portrait orientation exists for a reason.

It Should Be You

There’s really no need for this to be said, but people still commit this mistake. A headshot should show your perfect resemblance. No frills, overblown makeup, crazy hairstyle, nothing. Casting directors don’t usually see an actor face to face on the first day. If the headshot looks good enough, the actor will be called in. But then, the actor does not perfectly resemble the person on the photo. If there’s one thing that casting directors hate so much, it’s this.

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A professional headshot photographer knows when to embellish and when to keep things simple and accurate.

Headshots are easy if you know exactly what to do and avoid. If you have the gear and the skill to take them, then go and take the shots. But if not, then a professional photographer is your best friend.

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