What Should You Audit in Your HR Department?

HR StaffThe evolving nature of human resource practices and demands require professionals to work hand-in-hand with their owners to improve the overall performance of their businesses.

When you conduct an audit, you identify aspects that need improvement and enable that department to start initiatives that result in positive changes.

Insufficient Personnel Documents

Some experts that run a HR compliance audit checklist – a service offered by firms such as HR Services Inc. – cite that some personnel files lack adequate records of performance.

In some cases, managers only provide vague, informal and inconsistent reprimands to employees who are underperforming or violating certain policies. Some evaluations are imprecise, dated or even ambiguous, which may negatively influence your organization.

Companies need precise documentation and records which enable an employer to defend claims made by their workforce, especially for termination and compensation.

Restricted Attendance Regulations

One of the major concerns of employers is the absenteeism of their workforce. However, there are complex medical and family leave policies that may conflict with the company’s and state’s regulations, which means some rules that were acceptable before are now unacceptable.

When an employee fails to show up at work, it negatively affects their salary and number of leaves just to name a few. In such cases, companies must align their attendance regulations with state policies to protect their employees and improve their human resource practices.

Imprecise Time Documentation

Employers require their workforce to time in and out that reflects the work they did for the day. This documentation enables managers to justify the hour claims and salary given to each employee. However, some companies fail to do so or have inaccurate records, which may affect worker morale.

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It is important to communicate and implement rules and practices about attendance.

These are human resource policies and practices that you must conduct an audit on. These affect personnel satisfaction and performance. Make it a point to conduct audits to identify problems and solutions to these.

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