What’s Up with Uber? 3 Facts You Should Never Miss

Ride sharing app on mobile phoneWhether you admit it or not, Uber’s shaking up not only the ride-sharing economy but also politics, policies, and regulations. It’s no longer surprising how it’s becoming to be polarizing.

Despite the hiccups and snags, Uber remains the most popular ride-sharing app in the world. One of the reasons is its constant innovation and add-on. These include the following:

In-app Tipping

Show your driver a little more love with the in-app tipping feature. It is now available in all major cities in the United States, Canada, and the UK. You can leave it after your ride while the driver has the option to say no to it (but it’s always best to leave gratuities). In the UK, you pay 20p per minute past two minutes of waiting, according to TechCrunch.

Drop-off Feature

Although it’s unclear when this is going to be available, Uber is said to be testing it in the major cities like Boston. With this possible add-on, drivers can have the option to select the drop-off location, as well as choose their preferred date and time. In the process, the app matches them to riders that are within the selected area.


Do you know you can advertise on Uber? This is a huge advantage for numerous reasons. One, you can take advantage of geotargeting – that is, limit your ads to cities of your target market. You can also customize your ads to your preferred demographic.

For advertising in Uber cars to work, though, requires a strategic partnership with thousands of drivers. You can collaborate with an agency like Rideplay tv who can help you achieve that.

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Nobody knows the future of Uber as well as other ride-sharing apps, but one thing is clear: the demand is there. As long as it’s around, and these companies do their part in upgrading their services, it becomes a great venue to earn money in different ways.

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