When SEO Fails to Bring You Traffic, Is It Still Possible to Generate Any Interaction?

SEO StrategyIt’s kind of sad that the general direction of SEO has been only just to gain traffic nowadays. While visibility is indeed the goal of businesses, it’s not a fun feeling to see over-optimised websites every single time.

If you take a look around, you will for certain notice: EVERYTHING LOOKS WRITTEN BY A ROBOT. And this isn’t a great or a helpful thing for anyone.

For this reason, Visitorz.co.uk suggests that if the SEO today isn’t working for you, then what you probably need is another approach without relying too much on any SEO.

Here are some awesome things you can to increase traffic without being too overly SEO for your own good.

Go Back to Ad Basics

This might be uncomfortable to a lot of people because SEO actually discredited the value of ads before by providing natural and relevant content. But, considering the industry looks like today, it’s really a great time to create ads. In addition, compared to ‘spammy’ ads before, there are now better ad platforms, which only show your promos on relevant websites and search terms. Now that’s how you do traffic right.

Share Your Insights

Whether you’re a great writer or not, if you have something to sell, you can indeed write about it. There are thousands of websites with a decent amount of audience just waiting for you to catch. But, of course, you have to this creatively. No website will accept your advertisements for free. The trick is to somehow promote your brand without really saying it; if you can do this, then you’re on the right track!

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Commenting Smartly

You’re probably thinking: link dropping, but that’s not it. Blog or social media commenting is an awesome way to really show that you care. You can reel in traffic by helping someone out and presenting an alternative, which is your product. While it’s easier to just drop links and hope people click on it for no reason, make the effort so they have one — it’s going to be worth it.

The takeaway is simple. To generate traffic, you have to provide an equal amount of effort to let your target market know that you care. As great as it sounds, an SEO-optimized business website can only do so much.

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