Who Knew Chores Could Be Fun? House Cleaning with Kids

House Cleaning with Kids in AucklandCleaning your home shouldn’t be a one-woman job, especially if your kids are there to lend a hand. Although professional cleaning services like AA Cleaning Ltd are always there to help, getting the assistance of your kids will prepare them for adult responsibilities. By making the activity fun, you can change how they perceive chores. “How?” you ask.


It can be tiring and lonely if you subject your kids to an area of your home. The best thing is to do chores by pairs. For instance, in the bathroom, your husband can take control of the tile brush and the bowl cleaner. One of your kids can assist him by emptying the trash, scrubbing the sink, polishing the fixtures, or bringing the rugs and towels to the laundry room.

Personal Motivators

Designate chores to different pairs and give them a list of what they need to accomplish. Care.com suggests providing the kids with one-on-one instruction instead of just telling them to clean a certain area then walking away. Give them your personal attention, so they will feel important.

While they are cleaning, play upbeat music to liven the mood. Each pair who finishes one of their tasks first can choose what genre to listen to.


No matter how fun the cleanup turns out, give your family a reward for their hard work. Take them out on a family treat to celebrate. If everyone is too tired, you can always order pizza, get ice cream, and binge-watch Netflix on your couch in the midst of your newly cleaned house.

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The best way to teach your kids is to not force them. Try to put yourself in their shoes and make it more enjoyable for them. This is the only way they can learn to see it differently, so they don’t avoid it next time.

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