Why Glass Balustrades Are More Than a Trend in Interior Design

Glass balustrade on a staircaseA balustrade is a row of columns — simply put, railings. Its main purpose is to reduce the possibility of someone falling off from great heights. You can see it homes, commercial buildings, schools, or public spaces. They are everywhere, proving their effectiveness and importance in structures that are more than a few stories high.

Go shopping for new property, and you cannot fail to spot a balustrade in a good number of the properties. Are glass balustrades, however, all but a trend? Certainly not. Here is why you should have glass balustrades on your property in Auckland:

Enhanced Views

Imagine walking down the stairs and seeing your living room from an aerial perspective. What a beautiful view to kickstart your day! The glass balustrade is a premier selection for many people for the view a glass balustrade offers and the life they bring into a room.


Safety is a number 1 consideration in any construction whether it is a staircase or pool fence. The thickness of the glass is a concern when looking at the security features of glass balustrades. It all depends on the application — thicker glass is suitable where you need frameless glass balustrades.

Low Maintenance

Glass is durable, less susceptible to corrosion, and easy to clean. Glass is suitable for different areas regardless of the humidity and temperature levels. You do not need to paint or treat glass to maintain its look and will serve you for years to come.

Glass balustrades in Auckland are a must-have in your modern home. The dark areas of your house will receive light, and you will get a clear view of your surroundings. And when your friends visit, the elegance of your home will be a subject of discussion, courtesy of your glass balustrades.

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