Why Is Less More in Web Design

Web designer using a laptopMany designers ask the difficult question of what the ideal way to improve the conversion rate of their websites is? The answer to this question is easy; less is more. This may seem contrary to the available tools and flashy ways to impress visitors, but a simple website is still one of the most efficient ways to turn a visitor into a customer.

An expert on web design from Salt Lake City agrees on the following reasons less is more when it comes to creating websites.

Simple Designs Are Easier to Process

For some, simple is beautiful; experts cite that some people agree have this sentiment because it is easier to process simple designs. The less complicated a website is, the easier it is for a person’s brains and eyes to process and store details and pieces of information.

The retina translates what it sees into electrical impulses which it then forwards to the brain. These send light and color details. The more complicated this information is, the more work the eyes and brain need to do to convert and store this.

Move to the Next Step Faster

When your site is too complex, you may confuse visitors or lose your message, both of which may weaken your brand positioning and lower conversion rates. The user must have a smooth and seamless navigation to find what they need and move to the next step faster. Too many photos, buttons and menus make it difficult for a visitor to get to where they want to go. You may lose a potential customer because of a complex design.

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Cognitive Fluency

This concept means that people choose websites where they know where to find what they need and actions to take instinctively. Following a certain pattern may seem uncreative, but it has its advantages, some of which are; your website is easier to process and even remember. Simple doesn’t have to be boring you can still be creative by branding your site and using a unique value proposition.

Simplicity is important when it comes to web design; this concept makes you easy to think about, process and navigate, all of which are important to improving conversion rates.

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